Staying in Reykjavik? Choose Natura

Hotel Natura, Reykjavik
Photo credit: M. Ciavardini

The hardest part about traveling to a place none of your friends have been to before is figuring out where to stay. What’s the most desirable part of the city? What provides the best value? How good is the Internet?…

Embracing Winter

Photo credit: M. Ciavardini

January’s January, why not run with it? Thinking about heading to Iceland? Consider these posts: To Iceland to See Living Viking Style A Geyser Named Geysir ~Advertisement~   ~Advertisement~ Share!

Machu Picchu for Tea Time

A cup of tea and slices of lemon

Set back by the mid-January wind chill and an ick-disease variation of the flu, I turn to Mark Adams’s Turn Right at Machu Picchu to carry me away far from the sniffles and Nyquil-charged fog. I am already enthused by…

To Iceland to See

Sustainable housing in Iceland
Photo credit: M. Ciavardini

People ask what I did on my short trip to Iceland and, in retrospect, it seems not much. I soaked in geothermal pools, watched a meteor shower in the darkness, saw some of the countryside and a bit of Reykjavik.…

The Wild Backstory

Adventurous female at the Grand Canyon

Although my idea of “roughing it” involves having to walk from my cabin to a clubhouse for dinner, I still enjoy books about more rugged adventures involving far more outdoorsiness than I am ever likely to pursue. I sometimes imagine…