#MondayFunDay Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Cat Naps in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

#MondayFunDay Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The Bashful Adventurer in Puerto Rico: A stray cat enjoys the rooftop view of a vehicle in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo credit: M. Ciavardini.

Visiting a new place of necessity means looking around, even when one is simply walking from one destination to another. See more, notice more, pay attention more. And so, in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, this visitor finds plenty of stray cats who walk the streets with me, who seem fairly well cared for if little tins of food and water sitting out by a number of doorways are any indicator. These feline fellows are bold and seem to have taken to rooftop napping

So this could be a cat on a hot tin roof, but that vehicle roof is probably made of steel or aluminum or of something else entirely. It still looks like it could be a good spot for a cat nap.

—Lori Tripoli


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Have you visited Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria? What was most noticeable to you?

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