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Rooftop Bonus, Manhattan

Enjoying a sunny afternoon from the rooftop of Homewood Suites in Midtown Manhattan Photo credit: M. Ciavardini

A Lofty Stay at Homewood Suites in Midtown Manhattan The Brawny Sherpa and a youthful adventurer have concert plans at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan that will necessitate an overnight stay nearby. We choose Homewood Suites on West 37th Street…

Whiskey and Sliders in Midtown West

Will a visit to American Whiskey in Midtown Manhattan please herbivores, carnivores, and flat-out picky eaters? The Bashful Adventurer finds out. Photo credit: V. Laino

Eating near Madison Square Garden All of the youthful adventurers are joining the Brawny Sherpa and me for a quick bite in Midtown Manhattan before some of them head to a concert at Madison Square Garden. With a sometime vegan,…