Italy on a Budget: Rome Can Be Reasonable


As a single mom trying to give the Youthful Adventurer the eighth-grade graduation trip of his dreams, I planned our journey carefully, being most worried about how my limited budget would match up with my son’s hope to visit the Colosseum. When in Rome, we wouldn’t be staying in palazzos or taxiing around very much, but what we lost in grandeur we made up for with location by staying at the Hotel Suissecolosseum

Our space in this very small hotel of just a dozen rooms had all that we needed: a private bathroom, a continental breakfast, and, most importantly, an ideal location. Located near the Spanish Steps, and, of most interest to the youthful one, to McDonald’s, my teen earned his own sense of independence when I let him venture out to bring dinner to us one evening. Rome with a teen turned out not to be that pricey—a burger, some pizza, a gelato were all he really required.

In choosing a place like the Hotel Suisse, what I really wanted was the review of someone who’d been there. I’ve been there. It was perfect for us on our little journey. Our room overlooked a courtyard, so the noise of the city was safely obscured. The hotel was a healthy journey from the Termini, but we walked it nevertheless, and I could see my young son’s awe as we walked on street after street and observed the blend of ancient and contemporary.

From our hotel, all we needed was a comfortable, secure, clean place to rest, and we got it.

—Lori Tripoli

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