Machu Picchu for Tea Time


3D explorer on a safariSet back by the mid-January wind chill and an ick-disease variation of the flu, I turn to Mark Adams’s Turn Right at Machu Picchu to carry me away far from the sniffles and Nyquil-charged fog. I am already enthused by the story—a contemporary effort to recreate Hiram Bingham’s path toward Machu Picchu—and the romance of old-fashioned adventuring, complete with camp furniture and plenty of help.

A cup of tea and slices of lemonI trill at the prospect of visiting Peru. Although I can’t help but wish that I knew of some female explorers—none immediately really come to mind—I am excited to learn about Bingham’s path and about how a not-very-outdoorsy contemporary weathers it today.

—Lori Tripoli


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