Tis the Season for Reflection


Another year, not enough travel! I’d hit the road all the time if my checkbook would let me. But I am grateful for all of the places I have been so far and to have goals about where I want to go in the future. vintage suitcase

For the present, I am grateful to be able to share my adventures here. Here’s what readers were most interested in 2013:

10. Mayan Bloodletting at Chichen Itza: Any Worse than Ours?

A reminder about cultural perspective and how all is not as it appears

9. Chichen Itza, Top to Bottom

My most recent visit wasn’t quite the same as when I was allowed to scale the monuments, but I appreciate the efforts to preserve the place.

8. What I Learned at Doctor Zhivago’s Revolution

The same that I learned in Russia—a lot of people preferred the old system.

7. Tripping on Chocolate

Count me in for some sweet success in Belize and elsewhere.

6. Reason to Visit Hamburg: WWII Bunker Transformed to Green Energy Plant

Remembering the past and making something good of the present in Germany

5. Visiting Mount Kisco’s Invisible Church

A Westchester County, N.Y. church that is no longer there had quite an interesting history during the Revolutionary War.

plane around the globe4. The Contrasts of Isla Mujeres

What to do when the water’s too rough for snorkeling

3. Cancun Tours: How Good Is the Gray Line?

What I liked about my visit to Chichen Itza and to Isla Mujeres and my thoughts on a sunset tour in Cancun

2. Three Inns I Always Want to Return to

Sharing my love of the Red Vic in San Francisco, Island City Guest House in Key West, Fla., and the Tabard Inn in the District of Columbia

1. Chicago: On Being a Veg-Head in a Town Full of Beef

Adventures with farro and a visit to the Green Zebra

My personal favorite? One appropriate for the Christmas season:

On my Knees at the Scala Santa

Wishing travelers, bashful adventurers, armchair adventurers, and everyone everywhere a blissful, peaceful, adventure-filled holiday.

—Lori Tripoli

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