In Praise of Pachamama


Experience the Tranquility of a Session with a Shaman

An image of a shaman at a cemetery in Cusco, Peru

Pachamama means ‘Mother Earth.’
Photo credit: M. Ciavardini

The organized religion to which I was introduced as a child is one of repetition and repentance; we must constantly seek to avoid damnation for repeatedly soiling ourselves in sin. Also, there are a few arbitrary rules: eat fish on Fridays and only men may ascend the church’s hierarchy. Don’t use birth control. Don’t be gay. Is it any wonder that I am drawn to a practice that simply gives thanks?

The Bashful Adventurer and the Brawny Sherpa with a shaman in Cusco, Peru

With Shaman Enrique Puma in Cusco, Peru
Photo credit: M. Ciavardini

Make a wish for yourself, for your family, for the Earth. Give thanks. Light some incense, participate in a ritual, feel at peace. There are many ways of communing with the good forces of the universe.

—Lori Tripoli

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A mural at a cemetery in Cusco, Peru

The Incan trinity: condor, puma, serpent
Photo credit: M. Ciavardini

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